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Entertaining Children and Adults Made Simple

After a long career in the party planning industry, I decided to take some time off to spend more time with my little ones. I thought it would be fun to start a blog to share many of the fun experiences I had at work along with some party planning tips that anyone can put to good use. I want to start by stressing the need for great entertainment at every party. When there is a fun clown or superhero at a children's birthday party, it makes it much easier for the children to have a great time without the adults at the party having to do all the entertainment work. However, good entertainment is also needed at adult gatherings, because adults like to have fun, too! Come back often for more tips!

Cirque Shows: A Circus For The Sophisticated

The circus originated as a way for many groups of performers to showcase their talents and entertain the masses. Traditional circus acts often include clowns, animal tamers, trapeze artists, and a ringmaster who oversees the event.

The lighthearted nature of the modern circus lends itself to being a child's dream, but can leave adults feeling underwhelmed. Cirque shows have emerged to fill the gap by becoming the circus for the sophisticated.

Live Music

When you make the choice to entertain yourself with a Cirque show, you will be transformed into the story line being acted out by performers on stage. One of the ways this emergence into a land of imagination occurs is through the use of live music.

A Cirque show will often have a live orchestra that weaves a tapestry of melodious and modern music. The sophistication of the soundtrack elevates the show from a mere form of entertainment to an ethereal experience that you will be sure to remember.

Modern Acrobatics

The acrobatic portions of a traditional circus are often the most appealing to adults. Performers defy gravity by walking on tightropes and swinging from trapezes high above the ground. Cirque shows have capitalized on the fascination people have for acrobatics by building a show made up almost exclusively of daring acrobatic feats.

Modern acrobats perform using long silks, specialized rings, and even each other as props. You will be able to see some artistic and modern interpretations of traditional circus acrobatics when you visit a Cirque show.

Scene Composition

Acrobatic feats performed in traditional circus settings take place against the backdrop of the big-top tent. This scenery doesn't lend much to creating an imaginative story. A Cirque show goes above and beyond mere performance; they focus on scene composition as a vital element of each show.

The backdrops used for each performance are reminiscent of a movie set in their detail and vibrancy. Special effect lighting is used to add drama to the show and draw the attention of the viewer to important elements within the story line. The costumes and composition of a Cirque show are sure to leave you feeling awed and inspired.

If you enjoyed the circus as a child, you are bound to fall in love with the magic and artistry of a Cirque performance. The holiday season provides you with the perfect opportunity to share a sophisticated circus show with your family and friends. For more information, visit a Cirque like Holiday Dreams.