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Entertaining Children and Adults Made Simple

After a long career in the party planning industry, I decided to take some time off to spend more time with my little ones. I thought it would be fun to start a blog to share many of the fun experiences I had at work along with some party planning tips that anyone can put to good use. I want to start by stressing the need for great entertainment at every party. When there is a fun clown or superhero at a children's birthday party, it makes it much easier for the children to have a great time without the adults at the party having to do all the entertainment work. However, good entertainment is also needed at adult gatherings, because adults like to have fun, too! Come back often for more tips!

It's A Mystery! 3 Tips For A Fun-Filled Evening Of Murder Mystery Theater

If you're looking for something new and exciting to do this weekend, it's time to check out a murder mystery theater near you. Murder mystery theater events are like nothing you've ever experienced before. From the time you arrive, until the time you leave, you'll be immersed in a murder mystery. If you've never been to a murder mystery theater event, you'll need to be prepared for the evening, especially if you want to get the most out of it. Here are three fun tips that will ensure you have a great time when you attend your first murder mystery theater.

Leave Your Inhibitions at the Door

If your idea of a theatrical performance is sitting and watching the action take place in front of you, be prepared for a treat. To fully enjoy an evening of murder mystery theater, you'll need to leave your inhibitions at the door. As soon as you enter the room, you'll be drawn into the action. You'll sign in with the host and provide them with your name – your real name or the one you plan on using for the evening. From there you'll be assigned your role for the evening. You'll also be given a brief backstory for what's going on. In other words, you'll be given some vital information about the murder that's about to take place. Once you have that information, be prepared to get involved and have a good time.

You May Be a Victim or a Suspect

When you attend a murder mystery theater, you never know what your role will be in the action. You may be one of the murder victims, or you may be the murderer. You may also be one of the detectives in charge of investigating the murders. Regardless of your role for the evening, you're sure to have a great time, especially if you really immerse yourself in the action.

Always Stay in Character

Once you're given your role, take a few minutes to get into character, and find a way to identify with the character you'll be playing. Above all else, always stay in character while the mystery is unfolding. Staying in character will increase the fun you experience during the evening, and will help the action move along as everyone works to uncover the clues to the mystery. One way to stay in character is to create your own backstory. Think about the motivation for your character, and use it to develop a character that you'll enjoy playing for an entire evening.

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